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Wednesday, July 03, 2024

THEMA, a CANAL+ Company    is delighed to announce that   A1 Group   and   Mezzo   have renewed, broadened and strengthened their cooperation both over Europe and APAC regions. 

Already available on A1’s Pay-TV platform A1 Xplore TV in Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, North Macedonia and Slovenia, Mezzo and Mezzo Live will now be received in A1 Austria’s network. Both channels are now available to A1’s Austrian classical music passionate audiences.
In addition to maximizing the distribution of both channels all over European A1’s TV networks, THEMA has helped Mezzo enter a broader technical partnership with A1 Group’s Broadcasting division which provides satellite services for both channels: 

  • For Mezzo’s signal over Europe, including uplink and satellite capacity on Eutelsat’s prime HotBird position, 
  • As well as a renewed complete technical service provision for Mezzo Live’s signal over the Asia-Pacific region, including uplink and satellite capacity on the Apstar-7 satellite.

Commenting on this renewed and broadened cooperation with Mezzo,   Elena Petrova,  Head of Group Content Procurement and Broadcasting   at   A1 Group, said: “We are excited about this new cooperation which strengthens our partnership and allows us to expand the Mezzo channels within the A1 Group footprint, and way beyond. It undoubtedly accelerates the distribution of Mezzo channels not only all over Europe but also in the Asia-Pacific area and confirms impressively that A1 Group´s Broadcasting division is a reliable distribution and technical partner for TV providers globally”.

Wilfried Texier, Executive Director of Mezzo, added: “This renewed and stronger partnership with A1 Telekom Austria Group in Europe and in Asia is crucial to both Mezzo channels, as it allows Mezzo and Mezzo Live to always reach further audiences globally, who can enjoy the very best of high-quality classical music, dance and jazz.”

Patrick Rivet, CEO THEMA, said: “THEMA is extremely happy to consolidate and broaden Mezzo’s cooperation with A1 Group. Not only in Austria, in Europe, but also all over Asia-Pacific, thanks to this new, stronger, extended distribution and technical cooperation”.

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