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Tuesday, February 06, 2024

THEMA, a Canal+ company,  is glad to start 2024 with the announcement of the launch of   Mezzo TV channel on one of the biggest pay-TV operators in Turkey – Türksat Kablo TV. In December, Mezzo became available to Türksat Kablo TV viewers, on the channel number 52 in the Extended tier. 

“Connecting more people to the outstanding artists we broadcast is our daily challenge and a constant target since we started over 25 years ago. We are so pleased to see Mezzo now available on Türksat Kablo TV. This new opportunity marks a big step in our Turkish presence, a country which is full of amazing musicians and a fast-growing community of classical music lovers”, commented   Hervé Boissière, CEO of Mezzo
The contract with Türksat Kablo TV allows an even broader audience in Turkey to enjoy the unique and finely selected content of the channel. The deal has been brokered by THEMA, a Canal+ company, in partnership with Altinsay Filmworks: “Through this partnership, larger Turkish audiences will be able to immerse themselves in the world of classical music, opera, dance, and jazz through Mezzo's rich and diverse programming», commented on the launch   Séverine Garusso, Head of New activities in THEMA. 
In 2023 Mezzo celebrated its 25th anniversary and brought to the viewers an outstanding programming with 25 emblematic concerts. Working hard on the programming in 2023, in 2024 Mezzo is not willing to step back and has prepared a strong line-up: after celebrating in January legendary Claudio Abbado who passed away 10 years ago, Mezzo will focus in February on one of the world's most sought after conductors, Klaus Mäkelä, who is Music Director of the Orchestre de Paris, Chief Conductor of the Oslo Philharmonic and in 2027 will take up the baton as Chief Conductor of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. He is featured in programmes ranging from Mozart to Ravel and an in-depth interview, in which he talks about his life in music. February will also be the month of flamenco with performances and a documentary about Paco de Lucía… also a documentary about Leonard Bernstein, whose biopic is a hit on Netflix… And much more! 


About Türksat Kablo TV
Türksat Uydu Haberleşme Kablo TV ve İşletme A.Ş. (Türksat Company) is one of the world's leading companies providing all sorts of satellite communications through the satellites of Türksat as well as the other satellites. Providing services for voice, data, internet, TV, and radio broadcasting through the satellites across a wide area extending from Europe to Asia, Türksat is able to provide flexible solutions aimed at customers' needs in regions where no terrestrial infrastructure is available. Bringing different languages and cultures together by means of its global solutions in satellite communications, Türksat provides cable broadcasting services as well for its domestic subscribers through its existing cable infrastructure. Türksat KabloTV is the first and the only cabled digital TV Platform system of Türkiye operating through the cable TV network, where the signals of the system are compressed and encoded and watched through a decoder module and a smartcard or a set top box and a smartcard connected to a TV set.
KabloTV, the digital cable TV system, is in service since 2008 with many television channels of the country and the world, superior picture and sound quality, various package options as well as economic prices for every budget.
Furthermore, Türksat operates the e-Government Portal within the scope of its information services and conducts projects for the provision of public services electronically. 
About Mezzo
Founded in 1998, MEZZO operates and broadcasts two different and complementary pay TV channels and a VOD offer, all dedicated to classical music, jazz and dance: Mezzo and Mezzo Live. Distributed in 75 countries, Mezzo is received by 80 million households around the world. The motto of Mezzo is quality: artistic quality as well as technical quality. Thanks to its partnerships with the best musical institutions, venues, orchestras, festivals or ballets from all over the world, and guided by passion, Mezzo is dedicated to find the most exciting performances in the world, featuring the greatest names in music and dance today, and the new talents of tomorrow.
Mezzo works with 80 production companies to acquire the rights to 350 hours each year of new opera, concert (classical and jazz) and ballet programs.

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