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Monday, December 11, 2023

THEMA, a Canal+ company,   is glad to announce a new launch in Poland –several Korean dramas from the SBS SVOD catalogue have been added to all   T-Mobile  packages!

This deal includes 13 titles – 12 Korean drama series and 1 K-Pop show – which will progressively become available to the viewers, starting with 2 series which are already on T-Mobile:   “Innocent Defendant”   and  “Taxi Driver”.
All 13 SVOD titles are produced by   SBS Media Group, which is the biggest private audio-visual enterprise in South Korea. SBS content has already attracted a large audience in South Korea and the Asia Pacific region. With the support and expertise of THEMA, which is distributing SBS content on numerous territories, it is gaining recognition all over the world, including Poland. 

 Camille Mury-Decouflet, THEMA Europe Distribution manager    commented on this deal: “We are pleased to continue our collaboration with T-Mobile Polska with the launch of 12 Korean dramas and 1 K-Pop show produced by SBS in their SVOD portfolio. Polish viewers will have the chance to discover those popular series fully localized in Polish language in T-Mobile’s TV offer. The popularity of Korean culture (K-Dramas, K-Pop, etc…) keeps growing in Europe and we, at THEMA, believe that it marks a milestone for the distribution of Korean dramas in Poland.”
The content already available to T-Mobile viewers includes   “Innocent Defendant”  which is a popular K-Drama telling the story of Park Jung-Woo, a prosecutor from Seoul protecting his clients who wakes up one morning suffering from amnesia and sentenced to death. This 18 episodes series had a huge commercial success in Korea with over   25% ratings  and received numerous awards and nominations in its home country. 
The second title,   “Taxi Driver” , made of 2 seasons (the production of the 3d one has been confirmed in 2023) tells the viewers a story of Kim Do-Gi who is becoming a taxi driver in Rainbow Taxi Company after finishing his service as a special unit captain. The series is inspired by actual real-life crimes in Korea. The first season finale achieved the fourth highest rating of any “weekend” drama in SBS history, and the second season set a new record of the highest ratings achieved by any miniseries of 2023 in Korea. 

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