Le Bouquet Africain

Vos racines TV

In 2008, THEMA has launched the very first African TV channels pack in France: Le Bouquet Africain. It was composed of 6 channels offering the best of French-speaking African television. It became more and more popular in France. Today, it is composed of 25 channels representing some 11 countries:

The channels:


  • A+ is an entertainment channel broadcasting African series
  • Africable Television is a general interest private channel broadcasting news and shows from around the country.
  • Nollywood TV is a private channel dedicated to African films and series from the Nollywood industry. The channel was create by THEMA.
  • Nollywood TV Epic is an entertainment channel broadcasting African series highlighting African culture and traditions.
  • Trace Africa is private music channel focusing on African trends.
  • Trace Gospel is a music channel dedicated to Gospel in all its forms.


  • ORTB is a public Beninese channel of general interest broadcasting flash news, information and debates concerning the whole country.
  • GOLFE TV AFRICA is a Beninese 24/7 news channel

Burkina Faso

  • RTB is a Burkinabe public channel. Along with cultural and political shows, it also broadcasts youth and entertainment programmes in Lobiri, Bwamy, Gulmancéma and Bissa (national languages)


  • Canal 2 International is a private general interest channel. Consisting mainly in news and political programmes, it also leaves room to entertainment, sports and fiction.
  • CRTV is the only Cameroonian public channel. It mixes flash news, talk shows, sports and all sorts of entertainment.
  • Equinoxe TV is a private entertainment channel with sports, games, music, series, etc.
  • STV 2 is a private general interest channel. It consists in series, cultural and musical programmes.

Congo Brazzaville

  • Télé Congo is a 100% public channel of general interest. It mixes news, series, talk shows and documentaries.

Ivory Coast

  • RTI1 is a public general interest channel. It consists in flash news, political and entertainment programmes as well as youth and musical programmes.


  • Gabon Television is the first Gabonese public channel. Along with flash news and political shows, it also broadcast youth shows and fiction.
  • Gabon 24 is a Gabonese 24/7 news channel


  • RTG is a public Guinean TV channel.


  • ORTM is a public Malian channel. It is focused on entertainment with fiction and games, but also broadcast national and international news in French and in local languages.
  • CHERIFLA TV is a private channel of general interest.

Democratic Republic of Congo

  • Antenne A is the first private channel of general interest from RDC
  • B-One is a private Congolese TV and radio channel. Broadcasting entertainment programmes and fiction, it also gives much room to debates and political discussions.
  • RTNC is a general interest public Congolese channel. It mixes talk shows, fiction and information programmes.


  • 2STV is a private general interest channel based on an aspiration to freer cultural and entertainment programmes.
  • RTS is a public general interest channel mainly based on entertainment programmes, including local series. It broadcast in French and in national languages.
  • SenTV is a private general interest channel. It broadcast in French and in Wolof and has exclusivity on many Senegalese wrestling games.
  • TFM is a private Sengalese channel – it belongs to Youssou N'Dour. Based on ethics and freedom, it aims to broadcast fair programmes for all.


  • TVT is a public Togolose channel broadcastin mainly in French, but also in Ewe and Kabiyé (national languages). With 6 flash news a day, the channel focuses mainly on civil and health issues, leaving some room to entertainment programmes.

More information on the website www.lebouquetafricain.com